Project Description

CEMOSA is carrying out a framework agreement with INECO for the provision of professional services “to undertake geotechnical and structural field and laboratory work included within the following disciplines”.

  • Geological, geotechnical and hydrological studies of linear works, construction etc.
  • Inspection and surveying of structures, foundations, tunnels etc.

The scope of the work to carry out will involve the execution of research campaigns of a geological-geotechnical nature, field inspection, on-site testing, execution and monitoring of tasks including instrumentation, inspection, surveying and laboratory testing for the writing of reports of which the scope of activity will take into account the following stages, among others:

  • Linear works (railways and roads).
  • Construction work.
  • Airport construction work.
  • Others (ports, landfills etc.)
  • Inspection and surveying studies (tunnels, structures, foundations, buildings, road surfaces, pathologies etc.)

Some of the main activities were:

  • A geotechnical study for the Aguilar de la Frontera station in Córdoba.
  • A geotechnical study for the alteration of the A-3.
  • A geotechnical study for the alteration of the N-330 connection.
  • A geotechnical study for extending the capacity of the Báscara – Figueres road.
  • A geotechnical study for a tunnel in Aguadulce (Almería).

CEMOSA’s role

Geotechnical engineering