Project Description

This project´s objective is defining the extension of the line 13 platform in the section between 13+200 km and 18+000 km, located in Goulart station (15+400 km).

This extension is subdivided into a package of measures needed to allow the transition from the present lines to the the new projected lines, maintaining the railway service during all the execution phases.

The overall solution chosen is to build a structure with a floor slab executed with root stakes, and limited laterally by retaining walls made of reinforced concrete.

These structures will be built in two of four external railways. Once built, a floor slab with stakes will be placed between the structures previously described, so that these walls will contain the central structure. This structure will support two of the four central lines, and will also have a filling which reaches the corresponding height to support the railway platform. In that way, large settlements produced by secondary and primary consolidations are avoided.

The role of CEMOSA

  • Geometric project layout and railway platform design.
  • Containment structural analysis for the railway platform.