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The Jaén Paraíso Interior, currently in the highest category of national indoor soccer, urgently requires a sports space that meets the conditions that said category requires for the celebration of official matches. A first level space that meets the requirements established by the National Federation of Indoor Soccer as the headquarters of the Spanish Cup, [Read more...]

2019-08-06T10:59:21+02:006 August 2019|Adjudication|

CEMOSA studies the structural pathologies detected in the Hermitage of Ntra. Sra. Coronada del Campo en Cañete de las Torres (Córdoba, Spain)

The purpose of the work contracted out to CEMOSA is to carry out a study of the observed structural pathologies, determine its cause, determine the impact on the safety conditions of the affected elements, carry out the study and characterization of the surrounding ground and include recommendations for action in accordance with the results obtained. [Read more...]

2019-07-11T12:12:33+02:0011 July 2019|Milestone / Project on-going|

CEMOSA begins the works of geotechnical study for the drafting of the project of new access to the underground parking of the Plaza Mayor of Valladolid, Spain

The works, promoted by the City Hall of Valladolid, will begin in spring and will have a budget of 2.1 million euros. With the execution of these works, the Plaza Mayor of Valladolid will stop having vehicular traffic and will be 100% pedestrian. Geotechnical testing in Plaza Mayor of Valladolid Links of Interest: [Read more...]

2019-07-04T11:51:14+02:0011 December 2017|Adjudication, Milestone / Project on-going|

CEMOSA is beginning with the supervision contract for the enlargement of the Los Cabos International Airport, in Baja California Sur, Mexico

CONIP-CEMOSA joint-venture has begun the supervision of the project and construction works of the Terminal 3, the Terminal 2 and the new CREI (Fire Extinction and Rescue Corp). It is foreseen to finalize the works by the end of 2019 and the investment will be over 22.000.000 €. Terminal 2, land side [Read more...]

Estra Engenharia, which is part of the international engineering consulting group CEMOSA, has been awarded at the international competition SCIA User Contest 2017

Estra Engenharia, which is part of the international engineering consulting group CEMOSA, has been awarded in the 10th edition of the international competition SCIA User Contest 2017 at the Special Projects category, with the project of the expansion of Terminal  Building of Rafael Núñez International Airport in Cartagena de Indias (Colombia). Links of interest: [Read more...]

2019-07-04T11:51:16+02:0028 September 2017|Company new, Milestone / Project on-going|

CEMOSA will start a new H2020 project on end-users tools to empower and raise awareness of behavioural change towards energy efficiency

The European Commission recently approved the eTEACHER project “end-users Tools to Empower and raise Awareness of Behavioural CHange towards EneRgy efficiency”, coordinated by CEMOSA. The overall goal of eTEACHER is to empower energy end-users to achieve energy savings and improve the buildings comfort and health conditions through enabling behavioural change, considering different roles (visitors, facility [Read more...]

2017-09-06T12:46:27+02:006 September 2017|Adjudication|

CEMOSA awarded bidder of the work of technical assistance and quality control of the work promoted by the Provincial Government of Zamora (Spain)

CEMOSA signs on May 9, 2017 the contract for the execution of the technical services of quality control of the works carried out by the Provincial Government of Zamora and technical assistance in Provincial road works to be financed with own funds. It includes the actions derived from the quality control (sampling, execution of pertinent [Read more...]

2019-07-04T11:51:16+02:0024 August 2017|Company new|

Opening of the station Engenheiro Goulart of the Line 12 – Safira of CPTM – São Paulo (Brazil)

The CPTM (São Paulo Metropolitan Train Company) has received the Engenheiro Goulart station. This existing station was closed and demolished to build a new station to meet the connections of the line 12 - Safira and the new Line 13 - Jade that connects the city center with the Sao Paulo International Airport in Guarulhos. [Read more...]

2019-07-04T11:51:16+02:0023 August 2017|Milestone / Project on-going, Others|